// faux farm fashion


Caeleigh during this shoot: “You look like you’re on a farm.”

Maybe the overalls and surrounding shrubbery give it an organic feel, but we definitely took these pictures in the middle of the city. I would say that I could probably generalize and say that I’m a city girl, and ironically, I’m writing this post in a car on the way to go camping. (Edit: Hence why this post is late. I gave up trying to write in the car.)


For this outfit I’m keeping it reaaal simple with the colours: black and white and an accent of azure in the denim. The high neck black sweater gives a more contemporary feel when paired with the casual overalls. Carrying through the denim into the platform shoes elevates the look, quite literally.

Sweater — sister

Shoes — Catalog

Watch — thrifted

closeupI like that this sweater is borderline a mock-neck, and also is quite thin, but still insulating. It has a very subtle salt and pepper pattern. The 3/4 length sleeve make the outfit look super put together.

The watch is another element that gives the abundance of denim a more sophisticated feel.

Katch #12: Add a watch to your outfit for added function AND form.

1-14I’ll definitely be continuing to wear overalls all summer long, since you can basically put on any shirt under and be done with it.

Your high-key lover of nature signing out,


P.S. Look forward to something very exciting coming up on the blog next…

Here are some more pictures of gorgeous flowers and a GORGEOUS VIEW (LIKE WOWZA IT WAS BREATHTAKING):

[In collaboration with Caeleigh Warke]

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