// straight edge

The name of this post is because I’m straight up edgy…? (Double entendre intended.)


Sweater backstory anecdote: As some of you know, I went to Hong Kong, Jinan, and Beijing earlier this summer and although I didn’t go too crazy on the shopping, I did acquire heaps of clothes, courtesy of my sister. Who said hand-me-downs were a bad thing? Luckily and humbling for me, my sister has always seemed to be three years ahead of everyone in spotting fashion trends. She inspires me to think outside the box and amazes me at her instinct. This is only the first time we’ve ever even come close to exchanging styles in the span of a few months. Now that I’m phasing out of a navy and cream based closet, she’s ditching all her black for her own version of navy and cream. The accumulation of black in my closet spiked once I came back from my trip.


This is a chunky cotton sweater with thin vertical ribbing. I love the visible seam down the centre and the wide v-neck. Major clavicle accent.

Pair it with a pair of patterned, high-waisted bottoms and you have SUCH a classy combination. Both pieces are loose, but in different ways. The bagginess of the thick sweater contrasts the flowy, flared shorts.

These were my go to summer shorts of 2015, and they will always be one of my favourites. The small flowers are so delicate and the white background make them so easy to match. They’re also incredibly comfortable.

Katch #13: Find a fun pair of flowy shorts that look like a skirt. It allows for more cross-legged freedom.


hair freshly washed but uncombed. savage ou non?
shoesI found these shoes at Value Village I think? They were priced awfully steep for a thrift store, but they were so unique yet simultaneously simple. The two leathers straps are just the right width, and the slight heel balances comfort and height. In hindsight, I wish I didn’t purchase them, because the sole is stiff, so it’s actually beginning to crack. The only opportunity I could wear them is to an event where I am sitting the whole time, and definitely not where walking or running long distance is required.They’re cute, but sooner than later they shall retire after living a short, but arguably, fulfilling life.

full length sleeve vs. 3/4 length. you do you.
kk, this straight edge is pce-ing out.


[In collaboration with Caeleigh Warke]

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