// closet raid: Jodie

I hope you’ve been picking up what I’ve been putting down lately, which is that I’m introducing this new segment on the blog! If you can come up with a more clever name (that doesn’t involve any ‘k’ alliterations), let me know.

Today’s post is going to be a long one, but it’s going to be a gooderrrr. trust. I got the chance to takeover the closet of my lovely, lovely friend Jodie (arguably my #1 #kathenaskloset fan). She has AMAZING clothes, and it was so so so fun to have her entire closet to choose from and to create with. Plus, she makes a MEAN milk tea.

what a dream; lying on a bed of clothes
Behind the scenes:

// outfit one

We were worried about the weather because there were thunderstorms, but the skies blossomed into the most beautiful trifecta of sunshine, rain, and rainbows.
I paired a boxy, coral top with a high-waisted corduroy navy blue skirt to create some major colour blocking. The bright, solid colours and stiff silhouettes are very reminiscent of style in the 60s.

I really enjoy the button detailing all the way down the front of the skirt, and I like that the skirt isn’t quite a-line and isn’t quite pencil. This shirt is pretty fantastic, in all its little details. The neckline is wide, and the shirt is just slightly cropped. And of course, I added my own touch by a thin cuff to the sleeves.

I accessorized with a royal blue pendant, which with the coarse silver chain adds a touch of an industrial feel. The circular gem ties in nicely to the circular buttons on the skirt. The hints of silver match the grey in the sneakers. The shoes can be interchanged with basically any style to dress the look up. I’m getting major school uniform vibes from this look, albeit the bad timing, with school just ending for the summer.


// outfit two


This second look involves another skirt, but as you can see, it’s a completely different feel. The combination of muted colours creates a vintage vibe. The pale pink, pleated, a-line skirt creates such a feminine silhouette. It’s quite a stiff material, so I paired it with a soft but dense sweater. I remember a friend from when I was in grade four telling me, “pink and green ALWAYS look good together.” These were her favourite colours, and I think she actually has her own fashion blog now, as well. I still remember her words whenever I pair these colours together.

The sweater has a very subtle ribbing detail at the bottom hem, which I accentuated by tying it with the hair tie. I cinched the sweater with a hair tie, so Jodie’s figure would not be hidden, considering she is also wearing an oversized, mens, denim jacket.

This jacket is a gem! Jodie’s dad (shout out to Pastor Stan) gave it to her, and I love it! The inside is lined with wool and the denim has a beautiful worn, light-wash. The hardiness of the jacket contrasts the delicateness of the rest of the outfit. Jodie’s dainty bar necklace was a perfect addition. The thin gold chain adds elegance to the look, and the hint of pale pink matches that of the skirt.

I would love to see this outfit paired with tan leather wedges or mules, or even strappy heeled sandals, but we got pretty lazy in bringing footwear.


// outfit three

Jodie being camouflaged with the tree. Where’d she go????

The final outfit that I styled for Jodie was centered around an accent pattern: the camo jeans. Sticking with a similar colour scheme as outfit #2, I used different pieces to create a completely different style.

I did keep the same necklace, though. In the previous outfit, the necklace created a sense of continuity of a very feminine look, but in this outfit it’s used to contrast the more street style elements.

Here, all the colours in each piece are muted and the colours are simple, which draw all the attention to the camouflage print. I cuffed the sleeves again to get that 45 degree sleeve angle, as well as the pants.

Jodie had such simple, pieces in her closet, but every single one of them were very unique and had very small details that I really enjoyed. Her closet consisted less of patterns and more of intriguing colours and subtle, yet statement pieces. Very contradictory, I know, but it’s true! I’m pretty sure 80% of her clothes would look good with everything else in closet. I realized that I went pretty crazy on colour blocking for all three outfits, which is something I don’t usually do! It was a fun challenge.

//Here’s a #kasualkathena of what I wore that day whilst I styled the girls:

It’s casual, so of course, the hair’s gotta be up in some variation of a bun. I threw on summer dress that I bought in a mall in Mong Kok, Hong Kong and on top of it a cotton, flowy button up from H&M, cuffed it. I completed the look with my Birkenstocks. (Not pictured because I ran barefoot on the grass, in the rain. It was FREEDOM.)

Katch #14: For optimum casual levels, go for flowwwwww.


If you have read this far, I applaud you and exhort you. Unfortunately, I have nothing tangible to offer you except my love and gratitude, and my excitement that my blog was adequately captivating! This is basically the birthchild of my efforts this Saturday afternoon, so I really hope you enjoyed. I had so much fun digging into Jodie’s closet and watching her turn full-on model, and I’m so glad to have some pictures to remind me of how truly beautiful that day was. (Seriously, you could look over the horizon where the sun was setting, turn 180 degrees and see a double rainbow, while being caressed by droplets of rain reflecting the sun’s light. It was so majestic.)

Even though I credit each collaborator at the end of each blog post, I really want to thank Renée for her absolutely stunning pictures this time around. If you ever need a photographer for an event, check out Reborn Photography. (You can search her up on Facebook and Instagram.)

Thanks so much for reading!

pce out,


[In collaboration with Renee Yu]

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