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Sup everyone, it’s your local sir writing the blog today. That sir being me, AKA Sir Katheba the III, or SKT for short.

I went camping two weekends ago with my church fellowship, and man, I only have good things to say. I would spill my guts to you about all that went down (if you asked me to).

Here’s how I style for camp and hint; it involves wearing pretty much the same clothes everyday.


When I hear “camping” I immediately think “comfort”. I was so excited to look like a bum the whole weekend, but I’m not a huge sweats wearer, so I decided to forgo those for some other alternatives.

Katch #15: You can sub out sweats for joggers at camp/during lazy days. There are many different styles that would be completely sufficient for keeping you warm in the evenings.

I would like to say that for me, this outfit is the epitome of camping comfort. I’m wearing a grey, waffle-knit shirt from Gap which is just barely cropped. There is an added ruggedness from the  bottom serger rolled hem, which looks like the shirt was cut roughly. The soft shirt contrasts with the boxy shorts from MEC.

I actually picked up these shorts at a clothing swap because they were incredibly comfortable. I was interested to see how I could style them. They have an elastic waistband (to accommodate for the consumption of vast amounts of burgers and hot dogs), a drawstring, and they’re made of nylon. And of course, these forest green shorts are perfect for being in the nature.

I like to wear these shorts high-waisted, although I’m positive they were not meant to be worn this way. Wearing them high-waisted reminds me of the stereotypical “nerd” outfit that encompass bulky shorts like these being worn way too high, with a button down shirt tucked into them. This is just one of the many reasons I love these shorts and fashion itself! It’s so fun to find pieces that are unique, outdated, or seemingly objectively ugly, and making it into something you can feel beautiful and at ease in.

making my way downtown to the bathroom, walking fast, bushes pass, gotta pee now


cuff it, or don’t. tuck it, or don’t. 

My denim jacket is a clear camp essential; it’s thick enough to be impenetrable by mosquitoes, sturdy and warm for the cold summer nights, yet still thin enough to be layered underneath a rain jacket. It also just soaks up the campfire scent, which I love.

A cuffed denim jacket is a great way to show underneath layers: I let the cuffs of my top peek out in this outfit.

it’s camp, who has time to wash their hair???

Bun it up for a quick fix to inevitably dirty hair. Seriously, I spent no time on attempting to style my hair down. Plus, dark hair + summer sun = head on fire. Less hair is less hassle in my book.

And of course, no camping look would be complete without 2937462834 mosquito bites. Get creative with your accessories, people.

SKT out.


Featuring pictures edited by Toby Wong:

[In collaboration with Renée Yu]

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