//closet raid: Casey

I will admit, inconsistency is a flaw I have. But I’m apologizing for my one-month absence by giving you a loooooong anticipated closet raid. This is my friend Casey. She IS my muse for the origin of the byoong byoong; all credit goes to her.

// outfit oneIMG_9531

Credit is also due, Casey, for pulling through in the rain. It started thundering and raining heavily as she was on her way, so we had to send a rescue party. But she hung tight, and the beauty of the thunderstorm aftermath didn’t faze her.

This focus of this first outfit is this flowy burgundy dress that screams “boho”. I love the combination of the intricate embroidery as well as the variations of material on the waist and sleeves. Take note the subtle bell sleeves. Even though the dress is incredibly flowy, the material and intentional wear of the fabric doesn’t give it an entirely feminine feel. This dress could easily be toughened up and dressed down with a leather jacket, combat boots (or booties) and finished with a beanie.

Her tan leather booties are a perfect fit for this outfit, keeping the colours delicate and light. Black would definitely be too harsh (or maybe I’m still waning off my aversion towards it). The slight heel gives a bit of height, but it’s not so tall that it diminishes comfort.

For accessories, I found a gold and cream bangle in Casey’s jewelry collection and gave my own #kathenaskloset touch with my cream beret.

// outfit twoIMG_9626

This lace top is just UNFHHH so nice. It’s a thick material, unlike any I’ve ever encountered, and the fit is boxy to the max.

A touch of blue accents pairs with these caramel coloured shorts perfectly, so I added a pendant with tiny sky blue flowers inside the orb. The leather band of the necklace was similar to her leather sandals. The rest of the accessories, watch and bangle, were silver to contrast all the warm tones. (There’s also a hint of purple on the watch; it pairs very nicely with these golden hues.)

I can’t get over this shirt… Trying to find a lace shirt that doesn’t look like a doily is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Katch #16: I DON’T LIKE LACE SHIRTS THAT LOOK LIKE DOILIES. (Not really even useful, it just really makes me cringe.)

These shorts are my quintessential paper bag shorts; if I could own this style of shorts in every colour, I would. (Please reference: http://wp.me/p7wpeD-1U) I love the mid width cuffs, and the double button. The colour of the shorts are actually quite muted, making them have great versatility to put tights under and wear in the fall. (I AM SO EXCITED FOR FALL FASHION.)

// outfit threeIMG_9701

The last outfit fulfills a daunting dream of mine: to wear full length overalls and not feel like I look like a farmer, because as a born and raised city girl, I would be a fraud. The dark wash overalls that Casey owns are perfect for creating chic outfits. I cuffed them higher with a mid-width cuff to show off her lovely ankles. Just kidding. I just like cuffs. Ankles are great too though, I guess? I paired them with an off-the-shoulder top with loose, bell sleeves. I really enjoy that the stripes are very thin (delicate) and are vertical.

Katch #17: Vertical stripes elongate your body. (But I feel like they’re harder to find than horizontal stripes, so boo.)

We kept the silver bangle from outfit number two to dress up the outfit. If I found more silver bangles or rings, I probably would’ve added them on too.

Another thing I inherited from the second outfit were the sandals. Tan and navy, mmm, I love that combination. The sandals are highly impractical, which means she could, in no way, be able to work on a farm all day.

To add a street-style trend for some contrast, I threw her hair up in a half-up bun.

Thanks for sticking with me; sorry I’ve been AWOL. But, I’ve been travelling a lot which means I have more content coming for you all.


bonus pictures for the lels (with behind the scenes and a cameo from Jodie!):

[In collaboration with Renée Yu, @rebornphotogrophy_ ]

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