// rompin’ around in yyc

img_1648Happy new year…?

Hey all. It’s definitely been awhile.

[Sidebar: I felt myself inclined to say that it’s been a hot minute, but I really have a quam with this phrase. Where did it come from? What does it even mean? I don’t get it. Seriously.]

Sidebar over. To welcome in the new year and the new semester, here’s an extremely outdated outfit from the summer, when frost wasn’t everywhere and my hair was fifteen inches longer! Take a peek into the road trip I took down to Calgary with some friends.

I know I’m sworn to loyalty by being born and raised in etown, but Calgary is so lovely! It’s got a beautiful riverfront, an abundance of scrumptious food, and most importantly, a glorious amount of local ice cream shops. I’ve considered myself a frozen yogurt kind of person for these past few years, but going to Calgary has reverted me back to ice cream. There wasn’t enough time or stomach room to visit all the ice cream shops we had in mind.

a mother offered to move for us to take pictures in front of the iconic sign; photoshoots are rarely ever glamorous

Onto the clothes (that’s what the point of a fashion blog is, right?), I kept it simple and comfortable for exploring downtown Calgary. I wore my favourite romper and paired it with my staple sandals.


Romper — Thrifted

Sunhat — Jinan, China

Sandals — Birkenstock

Scarf — Wilfred

Storytime: THRIFTING pt. 1

When I walked into the thrift store to meet my two friends, both were standing looking at this romper. When I arrived, they told me I should try it on and I wasn’t entirely convinced. Actually, I thought it was a dress! Regardless, I threw it in the basket and it wasn’t until I was trying it on in the changeroom that I realized the GLORIOUSNESS that is this article of clothing. Needless to say, my friends have a great eye.

flash tattoo courtesy of my girls at camp

I love the unique trellis pattern that covers the entire romper. The diagonal lines formed by the floral detailing gives a slimming effect. And how often do you find clothes that have diagonal lines?!

Katch #18: Horizonal stripes can make you appear wider. Vertical stripes gives a taller effect. Diagonal lines accentuates the body’s natural curves. IMG_1729.jpg

Another detail that drew me to this romper is the neckline. It’s square, but the edges are not 90 degrees, the sides are slightly tapered towards the middle, which accentuates the clavicle without being revealing. Very reminiscent of the early renaissance.

Katch #19: Square necklines accentuate your clavicle and add interest.

The buttons are a basic white, which doesn’t overwhelm the already busy pattern. They are a simple detail that creates balance in the top and bottom. I haven’t even made it to the most incredible part. DID I MENTION THAT THIS IS A ROMPER? It has the look of dress, yet still gives you the freedom to sit cross-legged or squat (if you’re tired from sleeping at 2AM the night before and you’ve been walking around Calgary for hours.) The extra fabric from the shorts creates an a-line shape. This a-line skirt combined with the diagonal “stripes” makes the piece very flattering for virtually every body type.

For footwear, I stuck with my trusty Birkenstocks because they are such good support for your feet and good for a hot summer’s day. (Some would say that the wool scarf, on the other hand, doesn’t quite fit into summer attire but when your bb gives you a scarf for your birthday and wears her matching scarf to Calgary, YOU WEAR YOUR WOOL SCARF.) Honestly, it was a good thing we had our scarves because we were eating so much ice cream that I was chilled to the bone, anyways. The frost outside is beautiful, but not as sweet as ice cream in my mouth.

Stay frosty,


Some more glimpses into our Calgary adventures:

[In collaboration with @rebornphotography_]

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