// plaid at you

coverHey friends,

Now that my first year of social work has come to a close, I am feelin’ SKY HIGH. Oh yeah! By the way, I cut my hair. Chopped off twelve inches. In September. Aaaaanyways, this blog post is coming to you from way up.

feelin’ on top of the world

This outfit is basically a bunch of pieces that suit very different styles, but when combined create a unified look, thanks to their individual versatility. The colour scheme is incredibly simplistic and simultaneously breaks an arbitrary fashion rule. Who says you can’t mix navy and black?


This hat has a lot of sentimental meaning to me: I bought it in Cape Town, on the top of Table Mountain, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Besides the sentiment, this toque is a staple piece in my closet. Its shape suits my head perfectly and it’s navy, so it matches 90% of my closet and matches this outfit so well. It adds to the already casual and comfy vibe of the oversized flannel and classic wash of denim.

Katch #20: Different beanies + toques have different shapes, based on length and material. Pick one that complements your face shape.

Katch #21: A personal detail or two adds charm and meaning to an outfit.


The thickness of this plaid is glorious; it’s very heavy-duty and has a unique plaid pattern. I acquired it from a clothing swap with my friends. The heavy knit material adds an industrial feel to the blank canvas of a classic indigo denim and contrasts the dainty black heels.


To balance out the essentially one colour colour-scheme, I threw on a long cordoroy jacket to top off the outfit. The warm tone of the jacket off-sets the pervasive amount of cool tones underneath. This outfit is bursting with different textures: the flannel, denim, and cordoroy adds intricacy to a simple and neutral colour scheme. Although the jacket is cordoroy, a texture that doesn’t entirely scream “glamour”, its length adds drama; a unique twist on a classic trench.


To finish off the outfit, I wore these kitten heels from Chinese Laundry, and let me tell you: I LOVE THESE SHOES. I have been scouring the interwebs for shoes like this for months. Specifically, I’ve been looking for a pair of black suede shoes that have a thin ankle strap and a thick heel. These shoes have a classic shape while utilizing a current trend of which I’m a huge fan. The thin ankle strap is feminine and slims the ankle. I’ve needed a black heel for awhile and the height of the kitten heel. It’s very wearable for everyday.



If I can wear this outfit in a warm spell in January, it means summer WILL COME EVENTUALLY. (We must have faith.)

Keep cool this dreary exam season,


[In collaboration with Joe Latina @itzjustjoe]

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