the gist

Welcome to Kathena’s  C Kloset: A collaboration of creators uniting to bring you a curation of ever-evolving style.

Let’s be concise.

Ten facts about me and GO:

  1. God first.
  2. I am 21.
  3. I am in university currently studying social work.
  4. I am double-jointed nowhere but I can wiggle my ears.
  5. Music is my ultimate favourite thing. (Both making music and listening to music)
  6. I would love to learn the drums (UPDATE: I AM LEARNING THE DRUMS ASDFGHJKL;) and the trombone.
  7. Favourite clothing brands: TRICK QUESTION; thrifting is the way to go! (or hand-me-downs)
  8. My entire family’s closet is fair game to me.
  9. The writing that you see on pictures is mine. (Someone teach me how to use photoshop and illustrator, my skills are v v non-existent.)
  10. I used to hate running cause it was boring and tedious, and then I forced myself to do it, and, err, now I really love it.