Katch #1: Belt off any outfit for an instantly cohesive look. (Accessories are a good place to coordinate your leathers.)

Katch #2: Keep your colour scheme simple.

Katch #3: Stick to natural fibres (cotton, linen) in heat.

Katch #4: Something isn’t baggy enough? Just buy it two sizes larger!

Katch #5: POCKETS!!! Many girls are plagued by the tragedy of fake pockets, so when you find something with pockets, cherish it forever.

Katch #6: Berets look classy, but are still a no-fail way to cover up second, third, fourth, fifth-day hair.

Katch #7: Platforms are a comfortable way to add height. They feel like clouds on my feet.

Katch #8: Don’t be afraid to dig around a bit at antique sales/garage sales/parking lot sales.

Katch #9: Oversized top? No problem. Use a hair tie to cinch, or tuck it in.

Katch #10: CUFF EVERYTHING. T-shirt sleeves, sweaters, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, everything, you name it. (Disclaimer: This isn’t really a tip, persay, just a personal habit.)

Katch #11: Depending on the width of cuff, where you cuff it (high ankle, 3/4 length, etc.), it can create a completely unique feel.

Katch #12: Add a watch to your outfit for added function AND form.

Katch #13: Find a fun pair of flowy shorts that look like a skirt. It allows for more cross-legged freedom.

Katch #14: For optimum comfort and casual levels, go for flowwwwww.

Katch #15: You can sub out sweats for joggers for a put-together, but still very comfortable outfit.

Katch #16: Find a lace shirt that is unique. [I DON’T LIKE LACE SHIRTS THAT LOOK LIKE DOILIES. (Not really even useful, it just really makes me cringe.)]

Katch #17: Vertical stripes elongate your body.

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